Coming out as Trans as work

4/5/2015 · 1 min read

I've made a short video about my experiences coming out as a trans woman at work. It's something that I've wanted to talk about for a while, but I don't think would fit in at a conference.

I'm putting this out there because I want trans people who're thinking about transitioning at work, particularly in the UK, and particularly in software to know they're not alone, and that if I can do this, they can too.


Edit: I just remembered some people that really deserve an honorable mention here. Everyone at Transform UK.

As soon as I told them about my transition, they printed me business cards with my name on, which as a trans person finally using that name everywhere, meant so much to me.

What's more, they immediately switched over all my old accounts to use my new name. I have never been misgendered by them, even as a one off slip-up, which can happen when you're getting used to someones pronouns. They made me feel human, and respected at a stressful time.

All their staff were all amazingly understanding. I cannot praise them highly enough.